How to draw features

The point feature drew will then be displayed in the Plan View.


If the feature is a polyline (line or polygon) only the first polyline vertex will be displayed after entering all attributes. To continue drawing the polyline, simply click or tap on the Plan View to enter additional polyline vertices. To erase the last vertex drew, click on . When the polyline is completely drawn, use the  Open Polyline icon to Close it. Drawn features are displayed orange.

As opposed to collecting GNSS features, features can be drew on your background maps. The drew features will get its position from the area picked by the user on the Plan View. In order to draw features, you must Start a Survey with File > Start Survey.

Once a survey is started, the GNSS Survey Toolbar is displayed and allows to collect or draw GIS features.

The first icon ( in the example above) available on the GNSS Survey Toolbar gives access to the list of features available in the data dictionary. Click on this icon and select the feature type you want to draw; it will then represent the feature you just selected.


From the Plan View Toolbar, click on the second icon and select Draw. You can then draw the selected features by locating it on the map Plan View. The moment you start drawing the features, you will be asked to enter its attributes.

You can navigate trough the feature’s attributes with the dropdown list or the arrows; If you use a custom dictionary with tag sheet feature (form), simply navigate trough your feature attributes with your stylus;

The first attribute is associated to the feature position. If you use a tag sheet form, the position can be accessed with. The position window gives information about the first polyline vertex, the first polyline vertex can be retaken , Edited or  Offsetted . If you use a tag sheet, return to your entry form with.

When entering an attribute, you can define it as the new default value by clicking on .

Once all Attributes have been entered, click on to save the feature attributes. If is not available, it means that some required attributes have not been entered.

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