Restoring the BAP-S812A to its factory state

The device can be restored back to its factory default state by clearing the memory from the device. Clearing the memory deletes all data, files, system settings and additional programs that were installed or synchronized. Back up data on a computer, storage media, or another device before restoring to factory default state. Regular back-up of data ensures data integrity during emergency or accidental situations.


Restoring the device back to its factory default state should be done in the following cases:

· When the device does not respond after being restarted.

· When the password is forgotten.


To clear the memory from the device, proceed with the following:

1.       Turn off the system;

2.       Press the left soft key, right soft key and power button simultaneously. See the image below.

Source: BAP S812A user manual

Article: 000137

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4.       Select “Yes”. To do so, use the “Down” button and press “Enter”.

3.       Release all the keys. A “Clean Boot” message should appear.