Configure EZTag CE for Geode

The first step to set up the Geode receiver to work with EZTag CE is to follow the steps found in the “External GNSS receiver - Bluetooth pairing” article. Make note that the article mentioned above only covers the steps to do the pairing operation on a Windows Mobile device and not on Windows Personal Computer (Windows 10 for example). The next step is to indicate the COM port used by the GNSS receiver and its output format within EZTag CE. To correctly read the output data coming from your receiver, it is critical to select the correct GNSS driver.

4.       Press Port(s); select the COM port that was created in the “Bluetooth Pairing” article (for Windows Mobile devices only) and press OK;

How to select the COM Port and the GNSS Driver in EZTag CE

1.       Start EZTag CE found under the Start (or Start > Programs);

2.       Select File > Preferences;

3.       Using the arrows    or the dropdown list, navigate to the GNSS Setting page;

5.       Select the GNSS Driver called “Geode”;

6.       Press OK to exit the Preferences menu.

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