Restoring the Archer2-GEO/Allegro2-GEO to its factory state

Follow the steps below to restore user storage, settings, and icons on your Archer2-GEO/ Allegro2 GEO to their original factory defaults.


CAUTION: Restoring the Archer2-GEO / Allegro2-GEO to its original factory state permanently erases data saved on the handheld, any software you installed, and any changes you made to the handheld, including changes to settings.

1.  Back up files and programs you want to keep onto another computer.

2.  Save open files and close running programs on the handheld. Press and hold the power buttonuntil the Power Button menu appears. Tap Reset.

3.  When the screen turns black, press and hold the power button again. The bios screen is shown.

4.  Move the top slider on the screen to the right to set or clear factory defaults. This clean boots the handheld.

5.  Tap Exit. The boot process continues.

6.  The Update Time screen is shown. Update the information as needed and press OK.

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