On the Mesa2-GEO , EZTag CE doesn’t cover the entire screen

When using EZTag CE on a Windows tablet computer, chances are you will see something that looks like this:


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Last Update: 2017-02-16 21:43:12

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The screen set in “Landscape” mode

The screen set in “Portrait” mode

The grey area found under the software window in these examples is actually the desktop. We observed that this problem isn’t systematic, it only appears when EZTag CE is set to full-screen (maximized) and after using the integrated virtual keyboard.


To make sure that the virtual keyboard doesn’t overlap software functionalities, the software window is automatically resized when the virtual keyboard is opened. Even though the software window isn’t full-screen anymore, it is still considered as “maximized”, which normally covers the full-screen. When  the user closes keyboard, instead of resizing the software window accordingly (back to real full-screen), the OS leaves a “transparent hole” where it use to show.


The best suggestion to work around this issue is not to use the “Maximize” function found in the windows control

After opening EZTag CE on the Mesa2, instead of using “Maximize” found on the window (shown above) to bring it full screen, keep the software window in its current state and manually resize it to cover the screen. That way the software covers the whole screen, similar to being maximized, and the virtual keyboard issue mentioned here doesn’t not show up.