How to resize EZTag CE display on your Mesa2-GEO

When using a software like EZTag CE on the Mesa2 tablet personal computer, you might find that the texts and icons of programs are small and not finger-friendly. This is mostly caused because of the combination of the size of items and the main interface of the device, the touch screen. The solution here is to adjust the display scaling to a higher level using parameters found in the Windows 10 operative system. Here’s a step by step guide to change the appropriate settings.

Step by step instructions

1. Go to the Start > Settings page;

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Last Update: 2017-03-27 20:02:44

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2. In the Settings page, select System;

3. Select Display (1), scroll down and select Advanced display settings (2);

4. In the Advanced display settings page, select Advanced sizing of text and other items;

5. Click on set a custom scaling level; .

6. In the drop down list, select / enter a value of 150 or 200 percent;

7. Press OK to accept the current value;

8. Select Apply.


At this point the system will ask you to sign out of your current account to apply the new setting. The resize factor will be applied the next time you sign back into the same account.