This web application has been designed to provide users with a tool to display their GIS field data using different background web maps. The application can be launched here or with OnPOZ Tools. Base stations from providers supported by EZSurv can also be displayed in EZViewer.

Three types of files can be imported:

 *.tag files (feature/attribute file) generated by OnPOZ Field Applications;

 *.pos files (position file);

 *.xml files (baselines files *.spr.xml) generated by EZSurv.


The *.tag files include point, line and polygon features.

Note that if you import your file prior to the post-processing, field positions will be displayed; if you import them after post-processing, post-processed positions will be displayed.

The following web maps can be displayed in EZViewer:

 Bing Road

 Bing Aerial

 Open Street Map

 Google Road

 Google Satellite

 Google Hybrid

 Google Terrain


Data shown on the Plan View is loaded and configured using the Control Panel. You access it by clicking on the OnPOZ arrow on the upper left corner of the Plan View.

1. *.tag , *.pos or *.spr.xml files are loaded using the + and are removed using the -;

2. The Time Scale can be set in UTC, local or GPS time;

3. GNSS points can be displayed with a color representing the number of satellites used at the calculation, the solution type, the precision, or by feature name. This is set in the Legend combo;

4. Units can be set in metric or in Imperial;

5. The coordinates of the points are presented with respect the datum you select in the Datum combo-box.

6. For a GIS feature, you can choose a specific feature type under Labels/ Feature type and select a specific attribute to be labelled for that type of feature . If you wish to narrow down the labelled features, you can choose to label only the features with a specific attribute value (selected in the Answer combo)


Here are examples of typical displays using a feature label.

The control buttons are used for a few functions:

· To zoom in and out in the Plan View (+ and -).

· To select the background maps using the Layer Manager. If you have *.tag files displayed, their features can also be turned on/off from this control

· To display all possible positions and features loaded in the application (Fit All)

· To show or hide some of the views/tools (legend, measurement tools, scale and time slider)

When points, from a *.POS file, are displayed on the Plan View, if you click them, all related GNSS information is shown. If you click on a feature from a *.TAG file, then all GIS data and GNSS information is displayed. Same principle when you select a baseline from a *.xml file, its information is shown.

Attribute value “CAB” is displayed as Label for each feature

Only attribute value “1gst87” is displayed

You can also display all base stations around your job. Under Bases, select all In view or By Provider in the combo box. To get information about a Base Station, just click it on the Plan View.

*.POS file information

*.TAG file information

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Use the time slider to chronologically browse your features

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