How to configure your Archer2-Geo and Allegro2-Geo units

A few settings under Windows Mobile are needed in order to use the Archer2-GEO or Allegro-2 at its full potential.

4.      Press ok to apply the modifications, you will get back to the Settings > System page.

5.      If your Archer2-GEO or Allegro2-GEO has a NVS internal receiver, select System > GNSS and configure the different tabs according to the parameters presented in the images below.

6.      Press ok to apply the modifications.

Configure the Archer2-GEO or Allegro2-GEO receiver

1.      Go to Settings found under Start

2.      Select System > Power;

3.      To avoid being disconnected from the receiver, we recommend you modify the power saving options: in the Advanced tab, uncheck the power saving options. Configure the different options according to the parameters presented in the images below;

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