Restoring the Archer Field PC to its factory state

Follow the steps below to restore the user storage, settings, and icons on your Field PC to their original factory defaults.


WARNING! Setting the Archer Field PC to factory defaults removes installed programs and data from the device, and sets the device to a state similar to when it was shipped from the factory. Backup all software programs, licenses, and data to a desktop PC or to a removeable storage device before proceeding.

1.       Press and hold the Power Button until the Archer resets (or select Reset from the Power Button menu that appears).

2.       Immediately press and simultaneously hold the keypad keys shown in the image below (before or while the green activity LED is on) and then release     these keys once the "Ultra-Rugged Field PC" splash screen appears.


Home button, the up arrow on the Four-way directional button, and the Context menu button.



3.       Wait a few minutes for the factory reset to complete. An indication of success is when you are asked to align the display. Calibrate the touchscreen and follow all other instructions until you are back at the Today screen.

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