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Coordinate Converter is a simple tool used to convert coordinates between different datums. All datums supported by EZSurv are also supported by Coordinate Converter.† A special feature of this converter allows taking into consideration the site velocity to translate the coordinates domain in time.† Whereas in most converters, the output coordinate is at the same epoch as the inputís,† in Coordinate Converter it is also possible to apply a temporal effect that will make a coordinate change through time due to the Earthís crust motion. 


For example, the rigorous conversion of a WGS84 coordinate (collected with a GPS receiver, today) to NAD83 (reference epoch: 2010) requires to add the temporal displacement of the point on top of the normal 7 parameters conversion.  If no site displacement is applied after datum conversion, as it is performed in most converters, then, strictly speaking, the resulting coordinates are in NAD83 with a reference epoch of today.


Start Coordinate Converter available in OnPOZ Tools (found in Windows Main Menu under Effigis).

In Coordinate Converter, the datum conversion is a two-step process: datum conversion and site displacement.† Site displacement may also be performed before datum conversion depending on whether site velocity information is available for the input or for the output datum. The following diagrams summarize the two types of processes.

To be able to perform temporal displacement of coordinates, accurate information about the site velocity is needed but rarely available for most users (countries). On the other hand, site velocity information is provided for specific permanent stations by different organizations which perform data analysis from various sources to establish the movement of the sites in millimeters per year (mm/y).† By using site velocity information freely provided by these organizations, we offer a velocity interpolation feature, where the nearest permanent stations to the user site are searched and their velocity information is spatially interpolated to the userís coordinates.†

For further information about the usage of Coordinate Converter and coordinate conversion in general, please refer to the following articles in our Knowledge Base:

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It displays the Coordinate Converter.

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