Registration of a computer License (RINEX or OPEN)

To provide more flexibility, we also offer Licensing locked on a computer (not on the receiver S/N). This Licensing can be used on one computer at a time. However, you can move your License from one computer to another computer. This Licensing mechanism requires an Internet connection while activating or de-activating your License.

We offer 2 levels of PC Licenses, a RINEX License that allows to Process only RINEX files whereas the OPEN License allows you to process binary files without going through a RINEX translation prior processing your data (the OPEN License also supports RINEX files).

Upon purchasing a License, your reseller will provide an Activation Code.

An Activation Code is valid for one computer only.

However, it is possible to remove the license from one computer and then register it on another computer.


RINEX license

The RINEX license supports importing any recognized RINEX files.

The RINEX license can be used in complement of the licensing by GNSS receiver (see Installing and Licensing EZSurv article). It will support both licensed receivers binary format and import recognized RINEX files.


OPEN license

The OPEN license supports importing any recognized receiver binary format and any recognized RINEX files.

Since OPEN license import both binary as well as RINEX formats, you do not need any Receiver S/N Licenses to decode binary files.


Both an Internet connection and an “administrator” privilege are required for adding a computer license.


Adding a computer license

Close your EZSurv software if it is still opened.

Start EZSurv License Management in Windows Main Menu under Effigis.

Click on Activate a License for this computer. It will display the License Information window.

Enter the Activation Code provided by your reseller.

You can optionally edit the Computer Name to replace the default name. The Computer Name is for your internal use. If you try using the same Activation Code on another computer, it will remind you where the Activation Code is currently installed.

Click on the Request Activation button.

It will connect to the Effigis License server and request a license activation.

If the Activation Code is not installed on any computer, it will attach the Activation Code to this computer and display the License Registration Result.

Click on OK and the License Management closes.

A new license is now ready for you on the Effigis License server. It still needs to be transferred to your computer.

You can now start EZSurv.

During the Automatic Updates, your new license is transferred to your computer.

IMPORTANT: Uninstalling the software does not remove the license. So, if you want to uninstall the software and move the license from one computer to a different one, you will need to remove the license first and then uninstall the software.

Viewing your computer License

To check if you have a computer license and which type, select Help > About….

The type of license is indicated in the Current GNSS Post Processor licenses used section:

It includes the following information:

· Type of license (OPEN in the above example). Possible values are:



· Activate Code: The Activate Code used to license this computer.

· License ([Full GNSS] in the above example): It is composed of bands and constellations.

̃ Bands: Possible values are:

Full: Use all bands (L1/L2).

L1: Use only L1 band.

Lite: Limited to FLOAT solution (sub-meter/sub-foot).

̃ Constellations: Possible values are:

GPS: Use only GPS constellation.

GNSS: Use any GNSS constellation.

· License start date (if any)

· License end date or unlimited if it does not expire.

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