GNSS Control Panel - How to collect a file

GNSS Control Panel allows to collect data files in Kinematic, Static and Base mode of operation.


The Kinematic mode lets you collect data while the GNSS receiver is moving. The resulting accuracy will vary according to the type of receiver used and the environment. Post-processing the survey file will increase its accuracy and reliability.


The Static mode is used to record static data file where one file equals one survey site (survey station). The static mode of operation allows the highest GNSS accuracy (refer to article Baseline Accuracy for more details).


A file recorded with the Base mode will be recognized by the post-processing software as the reference station for surrounding rover and static files.

Before you start a file, use the Service tab and Connect with your receiver. When you are ready to start recording your file, click on the Collect tab. 


1. Using the drop-down list, select the mode of operation;


2.        Complete the information:

 File: enter a file name or use the default one;

 Interval: select a data interval (data rate, recording rate);

 Antenna height;

 For Static and Base modes, enter a Site name;

 For Static and Base modes, if desired, you can enter a Code (Pcode) for the site.


3.        Click the Start button to start recording your file;

4.        When you want to stop recording the file, click the Stop button;

5.        You can exit the software with Home > Exit.

At any time, when recording a file, you can access the following information:

 At what time the file was Started;

 The number of Epochs recorded;

 The file Duration; the elapsed time since the file has been started.

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