GNSS receiver does not connect or acquire satellites

The Status Bar displays information about the GNSS receiver:

Before you Connect with the GNSS receiver, the Status Bar displays .


When you click on Connect, the Status will display Loading, Listening, Connecting and Acquiring satellites.


If the status bar shows satellites and suddenly displays Acquiring satellites, it means not enough satellites are received to compute a position (it may be caused by a bad antenna connection or simply by an obstructed environment).


If the Status Bar remains at GNSS Universal Driver: Connecting… for too long, then try these:

 Make sure the GNSS receiver is powered on and correctly connected to the mobile computer.

 Make sure that you are using an appropriate profile. For instance, are you using the proper protocol, COM port and baud rate?

 Make sure that the antenna is attached to your GNSS receiver and has a clear view of the sky. Wait a few minutes for your receiver to compute a position fix.

 Verify your Windows Mobile Power option. To save energy, your receiver may get disconnected (refer to article Power Settings).

 If you use a Bluetooth device that used to connect properly before, it may be time to redo your Bluetooth pairing from scratch. To do so, start by deleting your older pairing:

a. Using Windows Mobile Start menu, go to Settings;

b. Select the Bluetooth icon (or the Connection Tab and then the Bluetooth icon);

c. Select the COM Ports tab, highlight your device (hold the stylus on it) to get the popup menu and delete this item;

c. Select the Devices Tab, highlight your device ( hold the stylus on it) to get the popup menu and delete this item;

d. Delete the device and then redo the Bluetooth paring;


For more information on GNSS receiver connection, refer to the articles External GNSS receiver - Bluetooth Pairing, Internal GNSS receiver - Configuration, and Configure GNSS Control Panel for your GNSS receiver.

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