How to select a specific base station

How to select a specific base station

1.††††††††† You must know which provider and base you want to use before you select a specific one.

Use the following link to find information on the providers and bases available in the processor:


 Review the different providers in your area with the Select a provider drop-down list. Donít forget to also review the providers that cover the entire World; they may have stations in your area;

 Zoom in to your specific area;

 Click on some specific base stations to get more information.

By default, the software download the data of the closest base station. For different reasons, you may prefer to use a different base station. This document explains how to use one or a few specific base stations.


For example, you have a GPS & GLONASS receiver but the closest base has a GPS receiver (no GLONASS). In such case, you may prefer to select a base that uses both constellations, even though it is farther.

2. Once you know which base station(s) you want to use, you can set the post-processing software accordingly.


 Start EZSurv;

 From the main menu, select Tools > Base Stations > Providers Manager;

 According to your area, uncheck the providers you do not want to use;

NOTE: providers covering the† World may have bases in your area; uncheck these providers if you do not want to use their base stations.

 In order to select one or a few stations for each active providers, select the provider (one at a time) and click Get Station Coordinate List.

 From the Station Coordinate List, uncheck the base stations you do not want to use.

 When you selection is completed, click Close to close the Coordinate List

 Once the specific stations for each providers have been selected, click Close to close the Base Station Providers Manager.

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