EZField - How to use the Static mode

The static mode is used to record static data file where one file equals one survey site (survey station). The static mode of operation allows the highest GPS accuracy (refer to article Baseline Accuracy for more details).


To start working in the Static mode, click on the Static icon .

You can set configurations specific to the mode of operation, refer to Configure Alarms for more details.

At any time, when recording a file, you can access the Monitor tab.


The Monitor tab give the following information:

 The Start time.

 The number of Epochs recorded.

 Cycle slips, if any (LL: Loss of lock observed so far).

 The satellite code (PRN) along with the number of epochs recorded. The Cont. row shows the number of consecutive epochs without cycle slip for each observed satellites while the Total row shows the total number of epochs recorded for every observed satellite.

 The Elapsed time since the file has been started.

The Settings tab allows to configure the survey file.

 You can name the File or use the default file name proposed (for details, refer to Automatic file naming convention and Automatic file naming for multiple field crew articles).

 Define the data rate (the recording Interval).

 Give a Site number;

 If desired, you can give the site a Code (Pcode);

 You can enter the Antenna Height (Ant.H.).

When you are ready to start recording your file, click on .  It will be stored into the folder My Documents/Effigis/EZField/Surveys.

When you finished your survey and want to stop it, click on .

When the file has been stopped, you can go back to the main menu (operation modes) by clicking on .

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