EZTagCE - Background maps are not displayed

In EZTag CE Plan View, you can select the mapping system to project your current GNSS position and the features you will collect (File > Preferences > Mapping System page).


If you load background maps and/or images, it is very important to project your GNSS positions into the same mapping system used to create your background maps or images. Otherwise, your GNSS positions and your background maps/images will not fit together (you end up being unable to see your maps).†


Important: if you used Mobile File Manager to create Web Maps, these maps are projected using Web Mercator Mapping System.


To find the problem, start by disconnecting the receiver (File > Disconnect) and do a Fit All .


 If you see the background maps, it means your GNSS positions are not projected using the map projection of your background maps. To project your GNSS positions into a specific mapping system (map projection) refer to article Configure Mapping System.

 If you canít see your maps, it means you have more than one background map layer; your different map layers are not using the same mapping projection. All maps and images must be projected into a same projection in order to fit together. When you open all layers into the Plan View, your maps may be so far apart that you cannot see them when you do a Fit All.

 Also, make sure the unit used for the background maps (Map Layer) is correctly configured. You can tell EZTag CE what unit is used for the projected background maps with File > Preferences > Unit)


EZTag CE cannot be used to project your background maps and images. You select a mapping system in EZTag CE solely to project your GNSS positions to make sure they fit with your background maps/images projection.

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