Transfer data from the field device to your PC

To export or post-process field data collected with an OnPOZ product, you must first copy the field data to your computer. To transfer files recorded with a Windows Mobile field device, use Mobile File Manager available under OnPOZ Tools. To transfer files recorded on a Windows field device, use Windows Explorer.


How to transfer Windows Mobile data files using Mobile File Manager


1. Connect your Windows Mobile field device to your PC;

2. On your PC, start Mobile File Manager available under OnPOZ Tools;

3. Under Set Options, select the Download folder (the folder on your PC where your field data will be downloaded);


How to transfer data using Windows Explorer


1.           Use Windows Explorer to Copy/Paste your data to another PC (or to a memory key). When you do a Survey job on the field, many files are created. To avoid data transfer mistakes, we recommend to Copy the entire Survey folder found under Documents\Effigis\EZTag CE\Surveys;



2.           Paste the Survey folder to a folder on your other PC;


NOTE: It is better to use Copy/Paste rather than Cut/Paste since this keeps a copy of the files. If an issue happens during the data transfer, a backup copy of your files will still be on the Field Device. However, Copy/Paste does not erase the data. Therefore, once in a while, you must Delete some Surveys on the Field Device to avoid space issues.

4. Then select Download Field Data (selectable only if the Field Device is connected to the PC);

5. Select the files to download and Drag&Drop them into Selected Data;

6. Click on download button;

7. Once the files are downloaded, you can open the download folder with .

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