How to offset a feature

To offset a feature, some feature must have been recorded or you must be recording one.

Refer to articles How to collect a Point Feature and/or How to collect a Polyline.

Go to the first attribute or, if you use a tag sheet (form), click on .

The position Windows will be displayed, from there, you can Offset the feature.

If you use a range finder refer to article How to use a range finder with EZTag CE

Click on to save the modified feature with its offset (if you use a tag sheet form, you will need to click on first, then you can accept the modified feature with).


The offset is not displayed into the plan view, it is simply recorded. When the features will be exported, the offset will be applied.

If the feature to offset is already recorded (point feature only), select it and open its properties .

If the feature to offset is the one being recorded, then the offset can also be applied:

Article: 000075

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