How to collect a point feature

Before you collect point features, you must Start a Survey with File > Start Survey.

Once a survey is started, the GNSS Survey Toolbar is displayed and allows to record GIS features.

The first icon ( in the example above) available on the GNSS Survey Toolbar gives access to the list of features available in the data dictionary. Click on the first icon and select the feature type you want to collect; the first icon will then represent the feature you just selected.


If the feature is a Point Average (defined in the data dictionary), you can set its duration in File > Preferences > Tagging. For more details, refer to article Configure feature point duration.

 Click on the Tag icon to start the data capture of the selected feature.

Once the data capture starts, you are able to enter the feature attributes.

You can navigate trough the feature attributes with the dropdown list or the arrows.

If you use a custom dictionary with tag sheet feature (form), simply navigate trough your feature attributes with your stylus;

The very first attribute is associated with the position. If you use an entry form, the position can be accessed with. The position window gives information on the position, the position can be retake , Edit or Offset . If you use a tag sheet, return to your entry form with.

When entering an attribute, you can define it as the new default value by clicking on .

If you are recording a Point Average, the progress bar indicates when the averaging is completed.

Once all Attributes have been entered, click on to save the feature. If is not available, it means that some required attributes have not been entered.

For more details on features and attributes, refer to articles Default data dictionary and Use a custom data dictionary.

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