Labels are not displayed in EZTag CE Plan View

How to display the feature label

In order to display a feature label into EZTag CE Plan View, the user needs to configure the feature file layer.


1. Select View > Layer Manager;

2. Select (highlight) your GNSS features file (*.TAG) or your Shapefiles (*.SHP);

3. Press the properties icon    to set some display options;

 GNSS survey file being recorded.

 Previously recorded GNSS surveys available for background map display.

4. Configure the Label display and press ok (for GNSS Surveys files a label must be selected first in you data dictionary in order to be displayed, otherwise the feature name will be the displayed label);

5. Make sure to keep the selectable icon on , otherwise you will not be able to select a feature from you background maps;

6. Press OK again to save your selections and your labels will be displayed in the Plan View.

Article: 000071

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Last Update: 2016-07-14 18:44:15

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