Display background GNSS surveys

Features of previously recorded EZTag CE GNSS surveys can be loaded as background maps. A background map cannot be edited. An Item (feature) available in the background map can be selected to view its attributes or to navigate to the feature. 

Display the features of a previously recorded GNSS survey

1. Select View > Layer Manager;

2. Add you background maps with the button.

3. Browse for your GNSS surveys (*.TAG) and click on it to add it to your list of background maps;

4. Check the checkbox to display the GNSS survey file (you can select many files);

5. Select the file and press the properties icon    to set some more display options (if you modify some of your file options, make sure to keep the selectable icon on , otherwise you will not be able to select a feature from you background maps);

6. Press ok to save your selections and your shapefiles are going to be displayed in the Plan View

 GNSS survey file being recorded.

 Previously recorded GNSS surveys available for background map display.

Article: 000070

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Last Update: 2016-07-14 18:44:15

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