EZTag CE - GNSS Survey Toolbar

The GNSS Survey Toolbar (available once a survey file is started) allows you to geo-localize your features using GNSS data (positions and observations).


 The first icon gives access to the list of features available in the data dictionary. When you select the feature you want to collect, the first icon will represent the selected feature.


 The Tag icon allows you to start the data capture of the selected feature which is represented by the first icon of the GNSS Survey Toolbar (point, line or polygon).

When the feature being captured is a line or polygon (polyline), the Open Polyline icon is displayed and gives access to the menu associated to the open polyline:

 Close to terminate the capture;

 Pause/Resume the capture;

 Switch to Discrete or Switch to Continuous: a discrete polyline means vertices are added manually using the Add Vertex icon while a continuous polyline implies that the vertices are recorded according to the Auto-vertex data rate.

 Auto-vertex (2s)... Allows to configure when vertices will be automatically added into the continuous polylines

 Vertex allows to select, from a list, a point feature available into the data dictionary. The selected point feature can then be used as a polyline vertex (nested feature).


When a polyline is being captured, the Add Vertex icon is available, it allows to manually add vertices into a polyline.

 A polyline vertex can be a simple GNSS point you want to add into your polyline (useful for a discrete polyline).

 A vertex can also be a point feature (nested feature). When a vertex is a point feature (pre-selected with Open Object > Vertex list), then the nested feature will be captured when using the Add Vertex icon.

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