EZTag CE Status Bar

What does the Status Bar display?

The Satus Bar can be displayed at all time; if missing, simply press the following icon to display it.

The Status Bar provides useful information to the user at all time when using EZTag CE.

The Status Bar displays information about the connected GNSS receiver:

If your GNSS receiver is not correctly connected, the following icon will be displayed .

For more information on GNSS receiver connection, refer our “Troubleshooting” articles GNSS receiver does not connect or Issue receiving satellites signal.

 When the GNSS receiver is correctly connected you will find the following information:

A green satellite icon means your GNSS receiver is correctly connected. The number of satellites received is indicated next to the icon. When your GNSS receiver is correctly connected but no satellite is received (or not enough), the satellite icon flashes.


The PDOP or HDOP indicator displays the current value of the PDOP or HDOP. This value helps in checking the quality of the geometry of GNSS constellations that are currently recorded by the GNSS receiver. Select the type of DOP to display with File > Preferences > Alarms.

A GNSS precision indicator gives an estimate of the precision of the current GNSS position.

 The GNSS solution type indicator displays the status of the solution as computed by the GNSS receiver (GNSS, DGNSS, and SBAS). The GNSS status may vary from one GNSS receiver to another. When no correction is received the status is GNSS.

When under alarm conditions (refer to article Configure alarms) the GNSS information related to the alarm will be highlighted in black in the status bar.

The Status Bar displays information about the mobile device unit:

 The battery indicator displays the percentage of internal battery charge left on the mobile device. Press on the icon to get this value in percentage. The icon will be yellow when your battery gets to a low level, it will be red when the battery level is critical and no icon is displayed if the mobile device is connected to a power source.

 The memory and disk space indicators displays the percentage of memory and disk space available to EZTag CE. Press the icon to get the remaining memory in percentage. When your disk or RAM get to a low level, its related icon will be yellow and it will be red when the level is critical.


To configure the values for low and critical levels, refer to article Configure alarms.

The Status Bar also displays additional information such as:

 The coordinate of the last place you tapped on the Plan View.

 The position of a selected point feature.

 The length of a selected line feature.

 The length and area of a selected polygon feature.

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