Display background User Map

Prepare your maps

1. On your Windows powered device, prepare all your maps (*.SHP, *.BMP, *.TIF, *.JP2 and *.PDF) background files by making sure they are all projected in the same mapping system;

2. Using Mobile File Manager, upload your maps to the field device working folder (refer to the image below):

a. If you use a Windows Mobile device, make sure it is connected to your PC;

b. Select Upload Auxiliary Data;

c. Then browse for your Map files

d. Select your files and drag&drop the files into Selected Data;

e. Upload the files to the device working folder with the upload button;

f. If you are working with a Windows tablet and if you created the map files on your office computer (as oppose to the tablet), rather then uploading the map files to the working folder, you should package your map files for other Windows devices (for your tablet). The package created can then be copied on your Windows tablet. On the tablet, the package copied can be ran to deploy its content to the tablet working folder.

Shapefiles vector files, ECW images, BMP images, TIF images, JP2 images and georeferenced PDF images can be loaded as background maps. A background map cannot be edited. An item (feature) available in a background vector map can be selected to view its attributes or to navigate to the feature.


It is a must to use the Mobile File Manager tool to transfer TIF, JP2 and PDF files to the mobile working folder, while SHP, ECW and BMP files can be load with either Mobile File Manager or with Windows Explorer.

In EZTag CE, select the mapping system used to prepare your background maps

1. On the field device, start EZTag CE;

2. From the File > Preferences… menu, select the Mapping System page and choose the mapping system used to prepare your background files . If the mapping system used for the background files is not listed on the handheld device, refer to article Modify the Mapping System List;

3. Press ok to save the modification.

Display your maps in EZTag CE

1. Select View () > Layer Manager;

2. Add you background maps with the button;

3. Browse for your maps (My) Documents\Effigis\EZTag CE\Layers\User and click on it to add it to your list of background maps;

4. Check the checkbox to display the maps (you can select many files).

5. For vector maps (Shapefiles) you can click on the properties icon to set some more display options (if you modify some of your shapefiles options, make sure to keep the selectable icon on , otherwise you will not be able to select a feature from you background maps);

6. Press ok to save your selections and your maps are going to be displayed in the Plan View.

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