Configure Mapping System

4. Select a Mapping System to display your GNSS features and current GNSS position in EZTag CE Plan View;

5. If your are using a custom mapping, double click on the Custom node (found at the end of the list) in order to list the custom mapping systems;

6. Check the Display coordinates in Lat/Lon (WGS84) option to display the coordinated in Latitude/Longitude rather than the X, Y format;

7. Press ok to save your changes.

How to configure a Mapping System in EZtag CE

1.         On your field device, start EZTag CE found under the Start menu (or Start > Programs);

2.         Select File > Preferences;

3.         Using the arrows    , navigate to the Mapping System page;

In EZTag CE Plan View, you can select the mapping system to project your current GNSS position and the features you will collect.


If you load background maps and/or images, it is a must to project your GNSS positions into the same mapping system used to create your background maps or images. Otherwise, your GNSS positions and your background maps/images will not fit together.


EZTag CE cannot be used to project your background maps and images. It is used to project your GNSS positions so they fit with your background maps/images projection.

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