Automatic file naming for multiple field crew

How to avoid 2 files with the same name when many field crew use the application

1.         The automatic file name can be used when you have many GNSS field device;

2.         You can simply use the User name ID to identify a specific GNSS field device;

           a.          Set the User name ID with File > Preferences > Users page;

           b.          Press New to create an ID for each unit;

3.         Set the User name ID as a default value for a specific GNSS mobile device (check Always use this user at the page bottom) ;

4.         If Always use this user is checked, the application will not ask to select a User Name at start up.

How does OnPOZ mobile applications automatically name files

Our survey naming convention in mobile application is structured as follow (ex. 17220IDA):

 Year, last 2 digits (ex. 17 for 2017)

 Day of the year (ex. 220th day of the year)

 User ID (2 characters, configured with File > Preferences > Users and selected when starting the application)

 A letter that represents the number of file made by the user during the GPS day (ex. A for the first file, B for the second, etc.)


This being said, you can Manually name new survey files instead of using the automatic file naming convention.


NOTE: To overwrite a file name with EZTag CE, you need to select the option under File > Preferences > GNSS Survey page. If you check the proper check box, every time you start a survey, you will be prompted to edit the suggested file name.

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