External GNSS receiver - Bluetooth pairing

When using an external GNSS receiver that connects via Bluetooth to your Windows or Windows Mobile device, you must pair them together. You also need to define a COM port on which the data stream coming from the receiver will be sent.

How to do a Bluetooth pairing on Windows Mobile

1. Using Windows Mobile Start menu, go to Settings;

2. Select the Bluetooth icon (or the Connection tab and then the Bluetooth icon);

3. In the Mode tab, check the Turn on Bluetooth option;

4. In the Devices tab, press on Add new device...

5. Once the mobile device found the external receiver, select it and press Next;

6. Enter the Passcode and press Next (SubX: 6500 ; SXBlue Series: 12345678, Pentax: DEFAULT, GEODE: 0000; for other receivers refer to the receiver manual);

7. Check the Serial Port box (under Advanced for some devices) and Finish (or Save);

8.      In the COM Ports tab, press on New Outgoing Port;

9.      Select the external receiver and press Next;

10.    Select a Port (eg. COM4) and uncheck Secure Connection;

11.    Press Finish and OK;

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