Internal GNSS receiver - Configuration

In order to post-process your GNSS data the GNSS receiver MUST be configured to output raw binary observations (rather than NMEA).

How to configure the receiver for a RAW Binary output

An application on Windows Mobile is available for this purpose. This tool is usually different for each Mobile device brand.

You will find information for 3 different Windows Mobile devices in this article. For other Windows Mobile devices, you may refer to your vendor for details.

Configure Magellan eXplorist Pro10 internal GPS receiver

1. Open the GPS Mode settings found under Start > Settings > System;

2. Select SiRF Binary and press OK.

Configure Nautiz X7 internal GPS receiver

1. Open GPS settings found under Start > Settings > System;

2. Select the Mode tab, choose the output format Binary Mode and press ok.

Configure GENEQ SXPad internal GPS receiver

1. Start the SiRFDemoPPC application found under the Start menu; in the Product Selection window, select “GSW3” and press OK;

2. Choose the correct Port and Baud Rate, Connect to the receiver (once connected, the actual GPS mode is shown) and press Done when connected;

3. From the menu found at the bottom of the page, select Setup > Switch to SiRF Binary;

4. Exit the software, by doing a Setup > Exit.

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