License OnPOZ field applications


OnPOZ field applications are licensed with the field device ID. The software license is attached to your field device. Therefore, if you lose or change your field device, you lose your license. A license cannot be transferred to another field device.

How to license OnPOZ field application on a device

1.    On your Windows powered device, from the Start > All Programs menu, select Effigis > OnPOZ Tools;

2.    Select the tool Mobile Licensing;

3. Select the Operating System of your field device;

4. The Device Identifier of your field device will be display;

5. Click on Install the License;

            If you have many field devices, each device needs to be licensed.

 If the license installed successfully , you are now ready to use the OnPOZ application on your field device.

 If the license did not install successfully , then click on New License and fill out the information requested. After receiving the requested information, we will generate your license. Then, we will send you a confirmation to Install  your License.

 If the license doesn’t support the installed version , then you may renew your maintenance plan or downgrade to an earlier version of the OnPOZ product you are trying to install (uninstall and reinstall an older version).

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