How to Export my Site Positions - Coordinate List

Export a Coordinate List

These instructions are valid to export site coordinates from a network of baselines or from a stop and go survey (comparable to what is done in a RTK survey). These site coordinates can have been collected using MicroSurvey’s FieldGenius or from Carlson’s SurvCE


When you export site coordinates from a network of vector with redundancy (not single shot vectors), you will get the following message if the network is not adjusted:

It is simply reminding you that you should adjust your network before exporting it.  From there you are free to proceed or not.


To export your coordinates, go to Tools > Export > Site… which will open the Site Export window.

CSV Format

From the Site Export dialog box, follow these steps:

 In the filter drop down box, select All sites (all sites including the reference sites) , Last processed (if you have re-processed few points) or All Processed (include every sites, excluding reference site)

 Select the site you want to export (when the box is displayed first, they are all selected)

 In the Export Profile section select CSV Default

 Click on  to customize your output

From this box, select the parameters that you want to export, you can save this selection under a Profile, then click on Close. You are back the Site Export dialog, then click OK.  Next time, simply select your Profile in the Site Export.  This will generate a standard CSV file.

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