Site Naming Convention in EZSurv

Site Unique Name

In EZSurv, each site collected by the user is defined with a unique name. So if you import few static files in EZSurv, and two of them include the same site name, it will become two occupations of the same site. It’s the reason why it is critical that sites recorded at the same location have to be named the same way (and two sites apart must have different site name !).


This constraint is very important to follow when naming your survey markers on the field. If you do not respect this, you may end up with unexpected results.

 Go to Edit > Site;

 Select the Occupations tab;

 Choose the second occupation in the Occupation dropdown list;

· To make sure you selected the correct occupation, look at the Start and End time found in the Occupation Information section;

 Click on the Move... button;

 After the “Move Site Occupation” dialog box has been opened, a dropdown list lets you pick a site to move the occupation to. If the marker 1001 has not been collected as a site, just type it in the list to create the site. Click OK when asked for a confirmation.


Now the site 1001 has been created and the second occupation on site 101 has  disappeared.

If you name two different sites with the same name, you can rename them by using the Edit > Site dialog. For example, lets say that the point 101 has been collected twice. In the software, they become sites “101(1)” and “101(2)”; this is the way EZSurv presents occupations of the same marker.


But, the fact is that the surveyor made a mistake when naming the sites. Indeed, the second occupation has been done on marker 1001.


Here are the steps to follow in to correct these type of mistakes:

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