What is a Reference Site in EZSurv

Reference Site

A site in EZSurv is considered having an unknown position. The concept of Post-processing is to calculate unknown positions with respect to a known position. In EZSurv, a known position is referred as a Reference site. Practically, you will record data on a known site on the field and when back to the office, at the time the file gets imported in the software, you will have to set it as a Reference site. This is done through the Site Editor (Edit > Site).


Before doing the next step, make sure to select a proper Mapping System.


Now, simply select the known site in the Site Name dropdown box, check the “Use as Reference Coordinate” checkbox and enter its known coordinate.


When doing a “leapfrogging” survey using two or more receivers, you only need to keep one on a known site. At the post-processing step, all the rovers are going to be calculated sequentially one after the other. EZsurv will care about the proper calculation order (it uses a rigorous coordinate seeding).


If you are doing a Network, you need only one known site first to calculate your vector. Then if you want to do a least-squares adjustment on your network, you may need to set more than one Reference Site to properly integrate your network within the local reference coordinate system. Reference sites are also required when processing rover data. Typically (if not using existing Base Statin Providers) you will let a receiver record raw GNSS data on a known site while recording your rover file (stop and go). In this specific case, the reference site position can be calculated by EZSurv (using a nearby Base Station from a Provider) prior to the calculation of your stop and go data.


Using FieldGenius, if you properly followed the field procedure when you set up your own Base Station, at the time you import your file within EZSurv, the Base Station site will automatically be set as a Reference site.


A Base Station retrieved from the Web is automatically set as “Use as Reference Coordinate”.

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