Error Message - “Nothing to Process”

What does it mean

When you import data in the Post-Processor, you hit the F9 button on your keyboard to auto-process, we know it can be frustrating to suddenly see the following message:

When using Base Station Providers

Case 1 -  Data is not available yet

Typically, the main reason you get this error message when using the Base Station automatic download feature found in EZSurv is because you are trying to process your data to quickly. Since the Base Station data is not yet available on the Web, the system is unable to process your data. Some Provider publishes their data into an hourly file format and others into a 24 hour file format.


Lets say that you did a job between 9h30 am and 11h05 am and you try to process your data at 11h30 am. If your Base Station Provider is publishing its files in an hourly fashion, since the hour is not finish yet, you will get the message “Nothing to process”.


To find out if it is the case, look in the Pre-Process Log (Analysis > Pre-Process Log) and you should see the following message:

Case 2 - Search Distance to short

Again, when using the Base Station automatic download feature found in EZSurv, if you set a search distance too low in the search parameter,  if there’s no Base station available in your area, you’ll see the message appear. Lets say that the closest base station is at 6 km, but you requested a search within 5 km, you will then get the message “Nothing to Process” appear.


If you think this is the reason why you’re getting the error message, check the Pre-Process Log (Analysis > Pre-Process Log). You will see this error message appear:

Tolerance for Baseline

Tolerance for Trajectory (kinematic)

Most of the time, this error shows up when the processor cannot find any Base Station data on the Web to post-process imported raw data. In PPP mode, it could also happen when Precise Orbit and Clock files cannot be found.

You can correct this issue by changing the search setting in Tools > Options > Combinations tab.

Case 3 - Static site use as reference

You have 2 files in your project. These files are binary files imported without any other metadata (like *.RAW file from FieldGenius). One of the file has been recorded in rover mode (so the user switched it properly) and the other one will be used as a base. These files appear as it is shown in the Project Manager screenshot found below. The Base station files properly cover the rover file time span and the base-rover distance is within the Tolerance.

When you hit F9 on your keyboard, you get the “Nothing to Process” message. The reason why this is happening is the following: you have to set the static coordinate as “Use as Reference”. To make this modification, go to Edit > Site, select the proper static site in the Site Name section and check the “Use as Reference Coordinate” box found in the Site Processing Options section.  You also have to make sure to enter the proper Site Coordinate of your reference.


Next time you will hit F9, the processing will go smoothly.

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