How to verify Base Station availability?


EZViewer is a web application designed to provide users with a tool to display their GPS and GIS field data using different background web maps. Base stations from providers supported by EZSurv can also be displayed. EZViewer can be lauched here or with OnPOZ Tools.


The base station display is used to view the bases available and to check the tracking reliability of the bases.


Tracking the file availability of your Base Station Providers nearest stations is presented in a chart that offers the tracking history in a day by day and hour after hour form for selected Base Stations. By looking at this data, users will ensure themselves that they obtain valid base station data for post-processing.

Here are the steps to analyse the tracking of a Base Station:


· Launch EZViewer from OnPOZ Tools available under Effigis menu;

· Access the Control Panel by clicking on the OnPOZ arrow on the upper left corner of the Plan View;

· In the Base legend, select Show Bases by provider or from all providers according to what is displayed in the Plan View;

· In the Plan View section, zoom to your area and select a specific base;

· The availability of the files for the current day will be displayed. You can use the calendar and select previous days to see the tracking reliability of that specific base. Unavailable (red) may just be a matter of time before the file is available, especially when looking at the current day. Many providers publish their base files in a hourly fashion, others create daily files that are only available on the next day.

Many information can be found in this window. First you can see, for the selected base, that first part of March 2017 (1st to the 18th), the status of the files is unknown since these dates have not been selected in the calendar (marked in grey on the calendar). Then, from the 19th to the 29th, the date is marked in green (“available” in the legend found below). This signifies that files for this base station are available for the whole day.

In the example above, the 30th is selected on the calendar. When you select a day on the calendar, more details about the availability of the files is found in the chart on the right side. In the chart we use military time; the outer circle is morning hours, the inner circle, for afternoon. Here the hourly files from midnight (marked as “00”) to 11 am are available. The file for the current hour (the screen capture here was taken between 12 pm an 1 pm) is marked in red meaning that it isn’t available yet. Notice that since all the files for the day aren’t available yet, the 30th is marked in yellow (partial) on the calendar. If a day marked in green was selected on the calendar, we would see that the chart on the right would be completely filled in green.

By looking at the tracking of your nearby Base Stations, it will provide you with a good idea of their reliability.

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