Where does EZSurv get Base Station Coordinates and Base Station Antenna Model Parameters?

Coordinate Source

EZSurv does not use the information found in the RINEX header when defining a coordinate for a base station. We maintain on our server a coordinate list for each Provider. This list has been obtained from the Providerís website or directly from the Provider Administrator. We also use the proper datum as published by the provider.

Information about the base station coordinate and datum can be found in the Base Station manager in Tools > Base Station > Provider Manager.

Antenna Model

When EZSurv retrieve RINEX Base Station data file, the antenna model found in the RINEX file header file is extracted and a correlation is done with the NGS antenna calibration database. If the same model is found in the NGS database, EZSurv creates a model using the NGS parameters.† In the following example, 3 Base Station has been used to calculate an unknown station. One of them is the station PMTL, a Leica antenna has been detected and correlated with the NGS database so a specific antenna model has been created and associated to this file.

The coordinates in the list are displayed in the proper datum.

From this page:

 You can access the provider website;

 Set the coordinate format (Geographic DMS, Geographic decimal or 3D XYZ);

 Export coordinates list in a *.CSV file;

 View the provider in a Google Earth View.


So, when using a Base Station automatically accessed by EZSurv to do the post-processing, these are the coordinates used. Make sure that the Mapping System you selected in EZSurv is the same as the one used by your Base Station provider (otherwise EZSurv will perform a coordinate transformation which might not be suited).

The antenna model automatically created by EZSurv for a Base Station retrieved over the Web cannot be edited. These are values from NGS. If you want to modify these values, simply create a new antenna model and associate it to your Base Station file.

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