Is there a Base Station nearby my job area supported by EZSurv?

Base Station Finder

EZSurv can retrieve data from many thousands Base Stations around the world. The Base Station Finder lets you find the closest Base Stations available to where you plan or did your survey. For your search, this tool offers the possibility to use imported file locations (Rover / Static data) or user entered coordinates manually picked using a Google Earth View.

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Last Update: 2016-11-02 13:50:53

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Supported Base Station Providers

If you have imported data in EZSurv and want use the location of your Rover or Static file to do the search, simply select “Rover” or “Static” (depending on the data type you imported) in the Reference Position section and then select the file you want to use in the dropdown list.


If you did not import any data in EZSurv, you can use the “Google Earth” option. When you click on the Pick Coordinate button, this will prompt a Google Earth View; simply pan until you reach your area and click on your location. This will select a “Reference Position“ coordinate that will be used to do the search. To exit the Google Earth View, click on “Done”.

Now that you have a coordinate to do the search, click on List Closest Base Stations. This will generate a list of the closest Base Stations available in EZSurv.

 This provide you all available Base Stations around your area; it tells you which is the closest one along with information about the datum used by the provider.

 It also tells you if the Provider requires registration (No = free) as well as the constellation(s) tracked by the station.

 Base Station listed in green are part of your Favorite Base Station Provider which are set in the Base Station Manager.

 The search distance is set in the Parameters section (top right).

 You can see all the providers and their respective stations available in EZSurv on a Google view at: