What is a Base Station in EZSurv?

Base Station

· A Base Station is a static station with a known coordinate that is recording raw GNSS observations (some are also transmitting RTK corrections);

· Typically, the coordinate of the Base Station has to be errorless. Otherwise all rover positions, computed with respect to this Base Station, will be offset;

· When doing a network of vectors, the concept of Base Station is slightly different since a final network adjustment can correct for small reference error (by properly fixing reference sites);

· In EZSurv, a Base Station is referred to data retrieved from the Web (from a Base Station provider). A private Base Station, as operated by a user, will be referred as a Site (site used as reference).


The data recording  interval can be different at the Base and at the rover

Supported Base Station Providers

Private Base Station operated by the user on a known marker.


If the user is working in post-processing, the position of the marker could be unknown at the moment of the survey.

The position of the marker can be calculated at the post-processing step.


Base Station data is available from different Providers all around the world (the CORS network is an example of such a Provider).

Source of Base Station Data

EZSurv can connect on many Base Station networks around the world.


You can view all the available networks on a Google Map at this address: http://www.onpoz.com/Support/BaseStations.aspx

The list of all the networks can also be found in EZSurv in Tools > Base Station > Base Manager.

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