How to select a Mapping System

· Under Tools > Mapping Systems > Selector, you can access a predefined or custom list of Projected Systems and Geographic Systems. You can also click on the following icon  from the Main toolbar to access the Mapping System Selector.

· You have to make sure that your selected mapping system uses the proper datum (covering your area). Use the View... button to find out.

· Predefined Mapping Systems cannot be edited.

· You can create custom Mapping Systems if you cannot find it in the predefined list.

How to select a predefined Mapping System

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-A Projected system is defined by a Map Projection template (Transverse Mercator, Lambert, Azimutal, etc.) and a Datum (we supports 18 specific map projection templates and over 70 predefined datum).

-A Geographic System is simply defined by a Datum.

-Whereas a Datum is defined by an Ellipsoid and a set of 15-Parameters transformation.

When you select your mapping system, if you click on the View… button, you will see all its related parameters.

From there, all your positions will be presented in the selected Mapping System.

What is a Mapping System in EZSurv?


A mapping system in EZSurv™ can be a:


· Projected System or a

· Geographic System.