Error Message when Licensing EZSurv using S/N

Case 1 - Supported receiver not registered

As explained in the KB article “Licensing EZSurv using Receiver Serial Number (S/N)”, the software is unlocked only when you are processing data from registered receiver. If your receiver data includes a S/N (its binary format needs to be supported by EZSurv) and your receiver S/N is not properly registered, you will get the following message:


Contact to register your receiver (if you did not buy the Licenses, you will have to pay to get it)




Case 2 - Your receiver binary format is not supported by EZSurv

If you are trying to import a binary file that is not supported by EZSurv, you will get the following message:


In that case, please advise us at You will have to wait until we support your format.

Another solution is to use a RINEX converter (typically all receiver manufacturers provide one) and use the data from this receiver in RINEX format as a Base Station for your registered receivers.

Case 3 - Your support/maintenance plan is expired

You purchased the license more than 90 days ago. After installing the latest version of EZSurv post-processor, you import your file and get this message:


To work with the latest version of EZSurv post-processor, it is mandatory to have an active maintenance plan.

To renew your maintenance plan, select “Yes” on the message to get our “contact us” information. You can also contact us at

Once your maintenance plan is re-activated you’ll be able to import and process the file in the latest version of the post-processor.


If you do not wish to renew the maintenance plan, please re-install the version of EZSurv which was current at the moment of the purchase. You are still able to do all licensed operation with that version of the post-processor.

Article: 000003

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Last Update: 2017-04-05 20:55:21

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