Licensing EZSurv using Receiver Serial Number (S/N)

Receiver S/N to unlock the software

To provide more flexibility, we use the receiver S/N (embedded in the raw GNSS observation file) to unlock the software. This is a very simple Licensing mechanism which is handled by our Web Licensing Database.

There is no dongle key to carry here and there. Using the receiver S/N, you can install the software and run it on multiple PC simultaneously, as long as the data that you are processing  is from a receiver properly registered in our Database.

RINEX file (without S/N registration) can be imported in EZSurv to be used as Base Station data to Post-Process data from registered receivers.

An Internet connection is required only the first time you launch the Software in order to download the License File.

This update procedure updates different parameter files that are kept on our server. This includes predefined mapping systems, geoid models, base station providers and licenses file. You can turn this off in Tools > Options... > Updates Tab.

The mechanism is very simply described here:

About RINEX Files

RINEX files are accepted to be used in the processing when along with the Licensed receivers (as Base Station). In that respect, we implemented the following simple rules:


· RINEX file can only be processed in differential mode – they cannot be processed in PPP;

· Only static RINEX files can be used in the processing (to create Baselines and Trajectories with registered receivers);

· Kinematic RINEX cannot be processed;

· To be processed, a RINEX files has to be simultaneous with a Licensed Receiver (properly registered).


User case/ Static Data

User case/ Kinematic Data

The Licensing In Short


· The Licensing is done through the Receiver S/N, it needs to be properly written in the raw GNSS file header;

· The software pricing is by receiver, it can be seen as the equivalent of an “RTK option on a receiver”;

· GNSS data file from a “receiver not Licensed” cannot be imported in EZSurv;

· Static RINEX files can be imported in EZSurv to be used as reference data for Rover data recorded with a Licensed Receivers;

· Static RINEX files can be imported in EZSurv to define a baseline with a static file recorded with a Licensed Receivers;

· Kinematic RINEX file cannot be processed; it has to be binary data with proper S/N written in the header file;

· This mode of Licensing allows multiple installations of the software without issues (equivalent of a network license).

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